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From now on “Hony’s Webstable” will be where you will find 2 lists.

The first one is Stud Yards, so if you have a stallion or are looking for a stallion this is where to advertise or to find the perfect stallion.

The second list is All the Necessary Services in the horse world, such as stable yards, riding schools, farriers, etc. So If you are looking then this is where you will find them. Better: You will find all of your horse needs right here.

The list are constantly being updated with new services and stallions.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at alan@honystable.com.

To be listed on the 2 listings then e-mail hony@honystable.com

To advertise on this website contact us on alan@honystable.com for full rates.

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The Horse to help at a Wellness Centre

Calling all people that know of people with Special Needs. The Equestrian Society has started a program to help people that have any kind of mental problems, suffered from CANCER and have a sight problem.

We are using the power and magic of the horse to help build a better world for them. At this time we have been helping a little boy with down syndrome and the change is remarkable, so now is a good time to contact Alan at alan@equestriansociety.org or 0722475203.

Over the past 11 years we have help many horse owners and the bottom line we will keep help horse owners for as long as we can.

For us to do so we also need your help all the time, so if you have any info that can help others please let us have it so we can post it here.

Yes we want to add a new section to Hony’s WebStable so mail us alan@honystable.com